HELP DURING THE PANDEMIC (Clockwise from upper left) The E Hotels and Resorts Chairman and President Dr. Elton See Tan, Yupangco Group Vice Chairman Robert Yupangco, Manila Times Chairman and CEO Dante ‘Klink’ Ang 2nd, Airspeed founder and Chairman Rosemarie Rafael, J&T Express Philippines President Zoe Chi, and Tag Media Group founder and CEO Grace Bondad-Nicolas discuss during the Times online forum series on The Pandemic Heroes held on Friday, Dec.10, 2021. SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

Executives of local logistics companies expect to thrive even beyond the coronavirus pandemic because the public has come to accept their services.

Speaking during the virtual forum of The Manila Times on Friday, Airspeed International Corp. founder and chairman Rosemarie Rafael said she sees online transactions continuing, especially since people have experienced its convenience.

“It’s really going to be a hybrid. So, online is still going to be there. Digitalization is really important… We automated some of our tasks to be able to scale up,” she continued.

J&T Express Vice President Zoe Chi concurred with Rafael and stressed that her company is committed to improving its express delivery services.

“Next year, we will continue to help business owners by providing excellent and premium customer service… We will make sure to give our best express delivery service to our Filipino people,” Chi said.

She said J&T is looking to strengthen international market connections as it prepares to launch its international shipping service by next year.

Rafael and Chi shared how their companies managed to keep open in the midst of the pandemic, while ensuring the health and safety of their employees.

“Even in the midst of the pandemic, J&T Express continues to operate for the mobilization of the country, especially the economy. During this period, the company made sure to prioritize its job to keep the business going and at the same time protect our employees from the virus,” Chi said.

She added the firm was able to do so by following health and safety protocols, offering flexible working options for employees, and utilizing technology for business opportunities.

Rafael emphasized the importance of being agile and innovative in order to stay relevant and address the changing needs of the customers.

“It is really [about] being innovative and creative and…having a feel of what is needed. Being on the ground and knowing what are the requirements of the customers, who are, basically, more demanding during the Covid period… We have to adjust, [and] we have to adapt,” she said.

Rafael said the pandemic prompted Airspeed to launch new services, including the SpeedFood and SpeedGrocer.

The Speed Concepts are demand services intended to help entrepreneurs reach more customers by being their delivery partner.

The company also introduced UnboxMe, a cross-border delivery platform delivering shopped items from US websites to Philippine addresses.

Rafael said they will also soon enable UnboxMe transactions from Dubai and South Korea.

The Airspeed Group also established an online gifting platform, Speedgifts, and an online pick-up and delivery service, Pinaspeed, to help digital entrepreneurs.

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