Hong Kong, China — (SBWIRE) — 01/26/2022 — It has been announced that Ali Baba Group’s Cainiao Network is expanding outside Mainland China for the first time – into Hong Kong. The move is going to significantly grow the network in the Asia Pacific region, creating 10 Cainiao Post stations and 60 designated collection points. As a logistics platform with a well-established presence in China, this is a significant step for Cainiao Network (and Ali Baba) – and comes as eCommerce sales in Hong Kong are forecast to continue to rise and the drive for digitisation continues. Accelerating digitisation is a key motivation for many companies like Cainiao Network, which has 1.8 million customers in Hong Kong. Over the past year or so the pandemic has highlighted some big issues and weak spots in supply chains and technology provides a wealth of options where solutions are concerned. Part of the expansion will be establishing broader standardisation and digitisation for deployment of IoT solutions to better serve the brand’s customers.

DSJ Global was first established in 2008 and is now a leading specialist supply chain recruitment agency. The firm has worked with many organisations such as Ali Baba Group, and Cainiao Network, where the goal of expansion to support digitisation has become a priority. The firm has a database of more than a million mid-to-senior professionals and so is well placed to support businesses keen to attract key talent from across the region. As a well-established supply chain recruitment agency, DSJ Global has expertise in logistics, technical operations and procurement roles, as well as hiring for supply chain jobs. The team has worked with a broad spectrum of enterprises, from small businesses focused on expansion to innovative international brands keen to accelerate digitisation to get better established in new regions, as Cainiao Network is doing in Hong Kong. The firm uses a combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions to ensure that the needs of all client businesses can be met.

As a supply chain recruitment agency with an international reputation, DSJ Global is very well placed to support organisations with an international perspective. The team in Hong Kong is part of a 1,000+ strong worldwide workforce and brings a truly global reach to the table when it comes to talent recruitment. It is also the recruitment partner of choice to hundreds of world-leading companies as part of the Phaidon International group, which operates across 6 countries. DSJ Global is a supply chain recruitment agency focused on quality and this starts by ensuring that internal teams are well taken care of. Consultants at the firm work with best-in-class recruitment technology and strategies and are trained on an ongoing basis. As a supply chain recruitment agency with a well-established local presence, DSJ Global is able to offer many opportunities in the region, including Senior Purchasing Specialist, Supply Chain Manager, Commodity Sourcing Specialist, Senior Category Manager and Technical Procurement Manager.

“2021 was a year of pressure and strain for procurement & supply chain markets globally. Travel restrictions, delays on cargo flights and congested shipping lanes created a multitude of challenges for the smooth operations of supply lanes globally which had a knock-on effect for recruiting and retaining top talent in this field” said Jamie Thorpe, Head of DSJ Global, Hong Kong. “These macro factors created high demand for candidates with extensive experience in Strategic Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain within a very tight candidate pool. Companies have had to resort to offering very high compensation and benefits to attract the talent they desperately need.”

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