Sharing insight on the current state of the global supply chain crisis, Freight Right Global Logistics takes a tour of the Long Beach Port witnessing first-hand lines of delayed shipments, which is a fragment of the logistical problems in U.S ports. Triggered by the 2020 pandemic, the global supply chain has led to the loss of billions of dollars, shortage in supply of critical products, including FCMGs and a Holiday season where people met empty shelves in stores.

Globally, shipping prices have increased exponentially, coupled with a lack of storage space for goods, and ships are spending more than one week offload at strategic ports across the world. Triggered by the pandemic and lockdowns, the global supply crisis has shocked all stakeholders by its severity and persistence. Hundreds of vessels are stranded as they lose money every day due to the inability of ports to process outstanding vessels.

Sharing his insights, Ludwig comments,“At Freight Right Global Logistics, we understand the frustration experienced at the moment in the global supply, and we have gone the extra mile to give our clients on the spot assessment of situation beyond geographical reporting only. We did a 3 hours tour of the Long Beach Port, where we witnessed the supply constraints in person. We believe nothing beats on the ground assessment, and we do our best to give our clients the latest situation reports, so they are aware as the situation unfolds.”

He comments further, “We remain committed to helping our ever-increasing clients with their freight and forwarding needs. Our team will continue to deliver best-in-class services by combining the best of technology and the expertise of seasoned professional logisticians. We have handled more than 100,000 international freight orders and more than 10,000 Amazon shipments with a coverage of about 180 countries.

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