The art logistics company Fine Art Shippers has announced that the next cross-country art shuttle New York – California is scheduled for February 22. An art truck operated by professional art handlers will head from NYC to Los Angeles and San Francisco, making stops all along the route. According to the schedule, the cross-country shuttle will go through ten states of the US, which makes it an effective way of delivering fine art from one part of the country to another. Dates are subject to change, so contacting Fine Art Shippers in advance would be the right choice for potential clients.

Fine Art Shippers has recently announced that the art shuttle New York – California will leave on February 22, 2022. It will start its route in New York City and make its way to Los Angeles and back again. The art truck will first visit Washington, DC, where the team of art movers will be able to pick up art and antiques from around the city. Right afterward, it will head to Dallas in Texas, which is 1,300 miles from the US capital, and then to Austin. Before visiting California, Fine Art Shippers will also have stops in Albuquerque in New Mexico and Phoenix in Arizona.

Once the art shuttle reaches California, Fine Art Shippers will make several stops all across the state. The first one will be in Los Angeles, the most populated city in the region. Following that, the shuttle will go to Inglewood and Calabasas. Westlake Village, Carmel, and Palo Alto will be next on the list. The last stop in California will be in San Francisco. The company emphasizes that it can pick up works of art all along the route, so one can contact the shippers in advance and join the shuttle without any problems.

On the way back to New York City, Fine Art Shippers will be driving through Denver in Colorado, Crete in Nebraska, and Iowa City in Iowa. The penultimate point of the art shuttle New York – California will be in Chicago, Illinois. The cross-country trip will end in NYC, the headquarters of Fine Art Shippers.

Everyone who wishes to join the upcoming art shuttle can contact the art moving company by calling or emailing the team. As an alternative, clients can request a free shipping quote, which has proven to be a more effective way to handle communication between the company and clients.

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