The lawmaker representing Kwara Central senatorial district, Ibrahim Oloriegbe on Wednesday disclosed that seventy delegates of the All Progressives Congress returned his money after he lost the return ticket to the senate.

Oloriegbe who claimed that the money which was given to the delegates was for logistics, stated this during an interview on Channels TV.

The lawmaker noted that the state Governor forced aspirants on delegates as they were not given the freedom to exercise their franchise by voting who they want.

He added that the Governor of Kwara State only handpicked delegates and said primaries had been done.

He said, “There was no congress; like in my state, the governor just handpicked them (the delegates) one night and said we have done primaries and the list came. So, you don’t even know who the delegates are … and this happened in several states.

“Even where people are selected, they should be given the freedom to exercise their franchise by voting for who they want, but it was not like that. The governors selected those to whom they would give instructions and some of them took an oath to vote where the governors direct them and this was what happened in Kwara State.

“In my election (primary), 17 delegates came back to give me money which I gave them for logistics; others did not because they said ‘we wanted to vote for you, but we are not allowed to vote. There was one of my colleagues in Kogi who mentioned that people came back (to return his money).”

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